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D. Garcia-Wahl’s poetry weds romanticism with a thoroughly modern sensibility. In Becoming, the poet travels from jazz bars to the Ganges, from the Boundary Waters to the boudoir, subtly tracing the outlines of the human condition.

Under Chimes

Under chimes of crystalline skies,
the Northland fog
frosts my brandied walk.
Sentimentality so nears religion
in my every inhale.
The late bloom of a migrating dalliance
is the fall of chapters.
It is the arena within which
prayer rasps from the silent.
Watch crisply the splendor of apocalypse
found in these winds, these leaves.

Mon Dieu,
too few of your autumns
in my season.



All That Does Come of Madden'd Days

“Consider this an open grave For never again A calm of words Never a thirst not burdened Or a sense not pawned To the unwelcome of shelter Here we drink wines to drift off alone …” I welcome you, Ladies and Gentlemen, to the poetry of D. Garcia-Wahl


Ashes of Mid Autumn

Elizabeth. With the utterance of her name, Ashes of Mid Autumn begins a series of correspondence from one poet in America to another in Germany. The letters detail a turbulent love affair that reaches down into the wells of madness and obsession. These often poetically-written letters question the nature of both love and despair while telling a complex tale that begins in the heart and ends in the mind. “What have I overlooked? It seems impossible that I’ve overlooked anything when everything now stands in nakedness,” our poet writes.



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